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2018 Highlights from a Freelance Registered Nutritionist

2018 was another great year of learning and developing as a Freelance Registered Nutritionist working in nutrition research and communications! Here are some of the highlights of my past year…

Some 2018 Highlights

* Writing a range of articles on one of my favourite topics... food innovation! I'm delighted to be part of the Food Spark team keeping up to date with the latest on emerging food trends and new innovations. Some of my recent articles include one on innovation in milk products and one on the opportunities for innovation around healthy ageing.

* Being invited to speak at the annual IFST conference on 'Food, diet and public health: the role and impact of the media in presenting scientific evidence'. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking about nutrition communications, as its one of my favourite subjects!

* Getting together with 3 follow Association for Nutrition Registrants to set up a regular Twitter chat to facilitate discussion of evidence-based nutrition. Follow @AfNutr or search #AfNutrChat on twitter for more information. You can also check out the AfNutr website for details of our first Twitter chat later on in January.

* Delivering workplace wellness talks to various companies. These were on a range of topics and normally involved some product sampling, which seemed to go down well! It is great to work with companies who realise the importance of providing reliable diet and nutrition advice to their employees. I really enjoyed meeting and answering questions from the employees and helping to clarify the many confusing nutrition messages.

* Helping food companies ensure the nutrition labelling and messages they provide to their customers are accurate and not misleading. Nutrition is a science and it is great to see small companies such as Livon, New Norm and Roots Deli taking steps to ensure they are providing evidence based information.

* Providing my expert dietary advice to help students studying for exams on the BBC Radio Scotland, Kitchen Cafe programme with Chef Neil Forbes (who made a very tasty vegetable gnocchi)!

* Joining the team at Edinburgh’s Inside Out personal training providing Nutrition challenges, talks and advice to clients. It's been lovely working with individual clients providing nutritional advice and practical solutions to improve their diet and health.

The last year has certainly been made far more enjoyable due to the many lovely people I’ve met along the way and I really appreciate getting to know some amazing fellow Freelancers and Nutritionists who have been very supportive. I’m so excited for what 2019 will bring! There are a few projects currently being formulated and I can’t wait to share these with you.

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy and successful 2019!

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