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Healthy eating in the workplace

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Eating well and nutrition support in the workplace create a healthy work environment and healthier, happier colleagues. That’s why understanding nutrition and how to make healthy dietary choices whilst at work is so important.

Are you looking to:

  • Provide your team with reliable nutrition and dietary advice?
  • Help your team eat healthily whilst they are working from home?
  • Entice your employees into the office with an in-person nutrition workshop?
  • Improve your work environment by enabling your team to make healthier choices?
Workplace Nutrition Talk by Dr Laura Wyness

I can provide you with:

What workplaces have said about my support…

"Thank you very much for taking the time to come to the site and give the presentation. We found the talk very informative and I know a few are already reviewing their diets."
Kenny McLellan
"I found Laura to be very easy-going, informative and she pitched at just the right level. I particularly enjoyed the breakdown of the macro nutrients and how they affect the body."
Staff feedback
DLA Piper
"Everyone loved your talk and we had a great onsite and online presence. There were some very interesting conversations around menopause, especially the difficulties people have in the workplace."
Dr Paula Conroy
Atlantic Technical University
"Laura is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Everyone came away from the sessions commenting on how much they’d learned, how helpful the tips were and that it inspired them to make changes to their diet."
Callum Cardle
"Laura showed great enthusiasm and knowledge of the subjects, keeping our colleagues engaged at all times. Since the webinar, we've had lots of comments from colleagues saying how much they enjoyed the talk and that they learned lots of useful information. I highly recommend her for raising awareness of women's health amongst colleagues in the workplace."
Debbie Lawrie
First Sentier Investors
"It’s sparked further discussions after the webinar and a small group has started to share ideas on how to follow much of the advice from Laura. I highly recommend Laura for realistic and pragmatic help with nutrition."
Ron Mackenzie
Wood Mackenzie
"Laura gave an amazing talk during our annual health week, providing us with useful information on diet and wellness in the office. She gave lots of tips on small changes we can make to eat better, improve sleep and ways to manage stress. Laura has a professional approach and was great at making the session really interesting and engaging for all of our staff. We really enjoyed the session!"
Tiffany Nicol

Here are some of the businesses and organisations I've worked with in the past: