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Let’s Talk Food is a collaboration of two Registered Nutritionists – myself and Lynn Burns.

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If you’re a health professional or someone who works with women, you may be interested in our online course for health professionals on Eating Well for Menopause. It provides 2 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) that has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and approved by the UK & International Health Coaching Association.

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For individuals wanting to learn more about eating well and access clear, practical information with recipes and downloads to help you put the information into practice check out:

Introduction to Mindful Eating course

The Eating Well for Menopause series of short courses covering:

1. Hot Flushes and Phytoestrogens
2. Weight and Shape
3. Heart Health
4. Bone Health
5. Mood and Mental Health
6. Sleeping Well
7. Hydration and Bladder Health
8. Beauty and Myths

"Very informative on menopause & it’s affects & womens health in general. I like the fact body image is bought into the conversation too & it’s more centred & ensuring protein is involved, how to portion, & that it’s not just about diet. Sleep & stress & exercise etc."
Zoe MadCowLife
"Would definitely recommend this course to other professionals. I loved the breakdown of the courses and how easy it was to work through the sections. It was very informative and I feel like I have increased my confidence in working with menopausal women now"
Lucy Webb