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Let’s Talk Food is a collaboration of two Registered Nutritionists – myself and Lynn Burns.

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Health professionals

Are you a health professional (health coach, therapist, nutritionist) or someone who works with women?

Are you looking for approved or endorsed CPD on nutrition and menopause?

Do you want to feel more confident and better equipped to support your clients who may be perimenopausal?

Online course - Eating Well for Menopause for Health Professionals provides:

"Before starting the course I was unsure if the dietary advice would mirror that of the generic general population healthy eating guidelines. However, I have learnt much more about the specific key nutrients that play roles in managing menopausal symptoms”
"After taking this course I understand in-depth how menopause affects women and helpful dietary advice I can give clients"
"After taking this course I am able to understand the symptoms of menopause and the nutrients and lifestyle factors that can benefit these symptoms. This course was very insightful, thank you!"
"This is a brilliant course. I would highly recommend it!"

Want to learn more about nutrition and eating well?

Do you want to feel more confident to navigate the nutrition myths and truths?

Would you like useful resources and recipes to help you put information into practice?

Our online courses on Mindful Eating and Eating Well for Menopause are full of information and practical advice, along with a selection of simple, nutritious recipes and resources.

Online course

Introduction to Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a set of techniques to help you to be more connected with your food. It has many benefits such as helping digestion, regulating appetite and making eating more enjoyable!

This short course:

This course provides an introduction to Mindful Eating

  • What is Mindful Eating?
  • What are the benefits of Mindful Eating?
  • Exploring feelings of hunger and satiety
  • How to put Mindful Eating into practice
  • Useful resources to learn more about Mindful Eating
  • A Mindful Eating Digital Download Workbook

Online courses

Eating Well for Menopause

We’ve developed series of 8 mini courses that aim to explain the science behind menopause, how eating well can help manage symptoms and improve long-term health. Each course provides a mix of informative slides, videos, resources and recipes.

Choose from:

  1. Hot Flushes and Phytoestrogens
  2. Weight and Shape
  3. Heart Health
  4. Bone Health
  5. Mood and Mental Health
  6. Sleeping Well
  7. Hydration and Bladder Health
  8. Beauty and Myths
"Loved this course! Learnt lots about heart health. It was very easy to follow and the information wasn’t too complicated. Would recommend this course.”
Review of Heart Health course
"Great course with compact and concise information. A lot of resources provided too so plenty of ‘homework’ to be getting on with. I found the variety of videos and text based learning really enjoyable and not overly long"
Review of Weight & Shape course
"This course has made me more aware of the types of hunger we may experience and how to recognise the signs of physical hunger. It was an eye-opening course that I would strongly recommend for anyone."
Review of Introduction to Mindful Eating course
"Very informative and enjoyable. I learned about mindful eating and started to apply it in my life"
Review of Introduction to Mindful Eating course