New book: Eating Well for Menopause. Out now

About Dr Laura Wyness

Hello, I’m Dr Laura Wyness, a Registered Nutritionist in public health nutrition. Nutrition advice and messages can be confusing and overwhelming. I love helping people understand nutrition better and feel confident in making healthy food choices to support their needs and lifestyle.

My experience working in academic research, nutrition communications and policy gives me a useful perspective on nutrition and public health.


Making science clear and practical

Communicating clear, scientifically-sound information that is accessible to a wide range of audiences is what I aim to do. This may be writing reports, creating website and social media content or speaking to groups or individuals.

My particular strength lies in reviewing scientific evidence and translating the findings into clear messages.

I’ve had over 15 years’ experience working in nutrition communications. Through working closely with industry, charities and policy makers I’ve gained considerable research experience and expertise in many areas of nutrition. These include: perimenopause, heart health, red meat and public health campaigns such as: Simply Veg

Menopause nutrition support

Menopause significantly impacts a woman’s well-being and nutrition plays an important role in managing symptoms and maintaining health post-menopause.

I’ve been helping women navigate the challenges of menopause for several years, through 1-1 nutrition consultations and workplace talks on nutrition and menopause. It’s the questions women were asking me that led to the writing the book: Eating Well for Menopause and developing online courses for women and health professionals on this topic.

For women looking for support with enjoyable personalised workouts along with nutrition advice, check out Zoë Rose Fitness. I’m delighted to be part of Zoë’s coaching team helping women achieve their fitness and health goals.


Scottish food nutritionist

Growing up on a farm in Scotland, I’ve always had an interest in food and how it impacts our health and well-being. Understanding where your food comes from and knowing the food’s story can help improve your relationship with food. Helping people become more connected with the food they eat is the main aim of my Food Connections podcast.

In my role as a Regional Food Tourism Ambassador, I helped create the Scottish Eatwell Guide. This shows how Scottish produce can contribute to a healthy balanced diet.