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Individual Consultations and Packages for you

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Are you…

  • Struggling to achieve desired results: Have you tried various diets, but not had the results you hoped for?
  • Uncertain about how to improve your diet: Do you feel your diet could be better but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Navigating perimenopause: Are you experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, brain fog and fatigue, and want to improve your diet to manage these better?
  • Confused by nutrition information: Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition messages and advice online? Unsure what to believe?
  • Maintaining health as you age: Do you want to ensure you’re optimising your nutrition to keep your heart, bones and mind healthy?
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Are you ready to…?

Choose from:

Individual consultations

One-off individual consultations for general advice that may not require a follow-up.

Consultation packages

Support over a few months to help you establish new habits. Classic package and a Menopause package

Nutrition & Fitness

Support with your fitness, as well as your nutrition. I work along with Zoë and her team at Zoë Rose Fitness – a health and wellbeing coaching company that specialises in helping women achieve their fitness and health goals.

Your nutrition support journey

Exploratory call

In this free 15-minute exploratory call you can share your reasons for wanting to focus on your diet and what nutrition support you’re looking for. I’ll suggest how I can support you. Feel comfortable to ask any questions. There’s no obligation to book any further appointments.

Before your consultation

Before your initial consultation, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in providing details about your health and lifestyle. Also, if you feel comfortable to do so, I’ll ask you to complete a food diary for a few days. This will help me prepare for your consultation.

Initial consultation

During this 60 minute session, we’ll explore your health and lifestyle, and discuss in detail your current diet and eating habits to create a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan for you. Following this session, you’ll receive a personalised report for your specific needs and goals.

Follow-up support

Follow-up appointments help ensure you are well supported and provides opportunity to tweak or fine-tune your plan.

These session can be booked as and when required, following your initial consultation. Follow-up support is included if you opt for one of my packages.

Classic Package

£ 315 (£365 RRP)
  • 1 x Initial Consultation
  • 2 x Follow-Up Consultations
  • Access to a short mindful eating online course

Menopause Package

£ 315 (£365 RRP)
  • 1 x Initial Consultation
  • 2 x Follow-Up Consultations
  • Access to one of 8 online menopause courses *

* Your choice of one of 8 online Eating Well for Menopause courses (Hot Flushes and Phytoestrogens, Weight and Shape, Heart Health, Bone Health, Mood and Mental Health, Sleeping Well, Hydration and Bladder Health, Beauty and Myths).

Book a free exploratory call to discuss which package is best suited to your needs
"Laura has given me some fantastic ideas. She has advised me on how to prepare a quick lunch with healthier alternatives, and healthy and filling snacks to eat when hungry. It has been a great help and I feel more energised and better for making the change."
"Laura has such an ability to impart really useful and practical advice that you realise only later what a great job she did. And from being able to absorb the food literature and receiving a coaching, rather than 'teaching' experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would highly recommend her for nutrition advice."
"I had a consultation with Dr Wyness and it was extremely useful. She listens and provides thoughtful advice based on science, while considering all aspects affecting nutrition. I would definitely recommend her!"
"Laura was so supportive. She helped me to choose the right amount and balance of food for my body. Since I started making the dietary changes Laura suggested, my stress went to the lowest level and I have no more confusion about what to eat. I am really grateful to her."
"Having taken the decision to look at my overall well-being, I decided to consult with a highly qualified nutritionist. Dr Wyness was not only approachable and non-judgemental, she made the complex very understandable."
"Laura has been wonderful in providing professional advice as well as being a source of inspiration and motivation with regards to improving my eating habits and lifestyle."
"Laura met with both my wife and I via Zoom and provided a very helpful and informed insight in how to improve our nutritional habits and exercise. She monitored closely what we ate over the course of multiple days and tailored her advice directly to our needs in our busy lifestyle. We highly recommend her expertise."
"Laura was incredibly helpful. She walked me through what I need to eat in a day to feel good and full and she accommodated my needs and requests. Her approach is healthy and easy-to-follow. She provides a guide that I feel confident using on a long-term basis. It helps that she is also incredibly nice! Would 100% recommend."