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The Truth About Meat – Chicken nutrition

Earlier this year I helped with some research for the BBC One programme ‘The Truth About Meat’ which was shown on the 29th September. I was delighted to be on camera too with Presenter Chris Bavin talking about the nutritional content of different types of chicken.

Analysis of the fat content of five different types of chicken (listed below) was conducted by scientists at the University of Stirling.

Cheap supermarket chicken £2.55 per kg

Corn-fed chicken £4.40 per kg

Free-range supermarket chicken £5.60 per kg

Top-end organic supermarket chicken £6.50 per kg

Forage diet farm chicken £4.60 per kg

Although there was quite a difference in price between the types of chicken, when the total fat content and the amount of different types of fat were considered, there was actually little difference.

The programme is available on BBC iPlayer is available until the 2nd November 2016. See: You can see the section about chicken around 40 minutes into the programme.

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