Scottish views on a Good Food Nation: Findings from the Kitchen Table Talks

This lunchtime, I was outside the Scottish Parliament to meet and chat to many others who want to #BringOnTheBill. The main reason for this event was to highlight the launch of the report on the findings from the recent Kitchen Table Talks and to ensure a wide and inclusive consultation on the Good Food Nation that ideally the Government would begin before the Summer Recess. Kitchen Table Talks Between February and April 2018, over 800 people discussed the future of Scotland’s food system in Kitchen Table Talks. People hosted discussions with friends, colleagues, neighbours in various locations from the Shetland Islands to the Scottish borders. I organised a get together with group of fe

Brain food: Preparing for exams

Stress is a common issue, especially for students studying for exams or feeling pressured to complete course assignments on time. Although some stress, every now and again is fine, constant or longer-term stress may start to have negative impacts on health and wellbeing. Let’s talk about brain food I was delighted to be ask recently to provide nutrition advice on BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Café programme with Chef Neil Forbes (the recording is available for the next few weeks here). The program focused on brain food. With exams looming, students Maeve and Cameron from the University of Edinburgh were keen to hear more about what foods they could eat to help manage their stress levels an

VEG POWER - Your chance to get involved!

VEG POWER is a marketing fund that will use the best people in the advertising industry to create impactful, innovative digital campaigns. The aim is to tackle the critical issue of the lack of veg consumption. Why?, well: 80% of children do not eat enough veg (1) 95% of teenagers do not eat enough veg (1) Only 1.2% of food and drink advertising gets spent on vegetables (2) 86% of children are reported by parents to pester them for junk food (3) Parents and children are bombarded with advertising and promotions. The fund will also support and help parents by offering an alternative to the junk food advertising that kids are exposed to everyday. Advertising clearly works as companies spend

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