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The Scottish Eatwell Guide – Dr Laura Wyness & Nutrition Scotland


In this episode, I’m joined by fellow Registered Nutritionist, Suzanne Fletcher, Founder of Nutrition Scotland. I’ve been working with Suzanne over the past several months on a very exciting piece of work – developing the first ever Scottish version of the UK’s Eatwell Guide!

Listen to find out about the story behind the Scottish Eatwell Guide and what makes it so distinct. We also talk about the different foods included in the Guide and ways in which the Scottish Eatwell Guide can be used.

Details of where to get your copy of the Scottish Eatwell Guide are in the notes below.

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Access the Scottish Eatwell Guide for FREE from the Nutrition Scotland webpage

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For more information on the Scottish Eatwell Guide check out The Nutrition Scotland website and Dr Laura Wyness website as we have a blog posts on:

The story behind the Scottish Eatwell Guide and

The differences between the UK Eatwell Guide and the Scottish Eatwell Guide

and we will be adding more blog posts in the future that focus on different messages from the Scottish Eatwell Guide. 

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