New book: Eating Well for Menopause. Out now

New book! – Eating Well for Menopause


Discover the foods and nutrients that all menopausal women should know about with…

This is the title of our new book – something myself and Lynn Burns have been working on for many months! Now, with the help of Indie Authors, we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Eating Well for Menopause book cover

Why Eating Well for Menopause?

Menopause significantly impacts a woman’s well-being and nutrition plays an important role in managing symptoms and maintaining health post-menopause.

Many of our clients were asking what foods they should be eating more or less of to help manage various menopausal symptoms and maintain their health. It’s their questions and concerns that led to the writing of this book.

Inside Eating Well for Menopause

In the book, we answer common questions about nutrition and menopause with science and simple food-based advice.

The book outlines facts on diet and nutrition in relation to menopause, both with regard to symptoms and in aspects of health that change after menopause. We have structured the book in chapters that relate to the questions we have been asked by women seeking our advice. We explain the science and talk about nutrients, then pull this together with practical food-based tips. Our aim is to inform and clarify how diet can help support women throughout peri-menopause and post-menopause.

Also, look out for our bite-sized bits of information throughout the book – for example our ‘Top Tips’ and short ‘Did You Know?’ sections. This should make the book easy to pick up and leaf through, as well as sit down and enjoy in a more in-depth way.

Recipes for Eating Well for Menopause

To make the advice in the book easier to put into practice we have included recipes that anyone in the house will enjoy. We’re very grateful to our photographer Iain Wilson, who not only took amazing photographs, but also tested out the recipes in his own kitchen.

Image showing photo of two Lentil Shepherd's pies just out of the oven and another photo of the photographers photograph of the pies that is included in the book
Photo: Photographer Iain Wilson’s photographs of the Lentil Shepherd’s Pie on top of the cooker, just out of the oven, and the final photo of the pie’s looking delicious, for the Eating Well for Menopause book.

What are people saying about Eating Well for Menopause?

We were thrilled that the highly respected Nutritionist Barbara Bray, MBE, wrote a lovely Foreward for our book.

“…What I love about this book is its down-to-earth focus on how to put what we know from science into practice…Eating Well for Menopause is a fantastic resource for any woman looking to navigate the challenges of menopause.”

Barbara Bray, MBE, FIFST, RNutr

Check out Barbara’s podcast Women Positively Ageing where myself and Lynn chat to her about: How to eat well for menopause. We share nutrition tips and talk about why hydration is so important during menopause, as well as why we love Shepherd’s pie!

We’re thrilled to get positive comments on the book already from health professionals and from women currently going through their menopause journey:

“This book is a great resource for women around the time of menopause, and for clinicians who are trying to help!…I will add it to my list of go-to publications to which I signpost women when they are navigating some very confusing times”

Dr Rosie Cochrane, Consultant in Gynaecology and Sexual Health

“…it can be hard to cut through all the misinformation about nutrition on the internet which is all the more reason this book stands out”

Dr Yvonne Finnegan, Nutrition Consultant & Registered Dietitian

“The pages include all of the information I have been searching for, all in one place. I like that the book explains, in detail, the science behind why certain foods and vitamins are good for us during menopause but in a language that I can understand – whilst giving examples and alternatives of what to eat”

Rosslyn Cooper

Where to find Eating Well for Menopause

The book is available from all major online and high street book stores. If you have a copy, do let me know – tag me on Instagram @drlaurawyness or Twitter @laura_wyness. I really hope you find the information useful and enjoy trying out the recipes!

Dr Laura Wyness has been supporting women with dietary advice for several years. She is Head of Nutrition at Zoë Rose Fitness, the Edinburgh–based health and well-being coaching company that specialises in helping women achieve their fitness and health goals. She also provides workplace wellness talks on nutrition and provides training on nutrition and menopause to fellow health professionals.

Laura is also proud to be one of the Scottish Regional Food Tourism Ambassadors.

Check out the 8 online short courses on Eating Well for Menopause for more information and recipes to support you through the menopause.

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