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Sea Buckthorn – Kirstie Campbell


Kirstie Campbell from Sea Buckthorn Scotland shares her knowledge and love for this amazing berry with its unique nutrition and numerous benefits. Kirstie also has some tasty suggestions on using the berries in cooking.

Kirstie points out that Sea Buckthorn grows along coastal regions in Scotland although its largely being overlooked.

Find out what Sea Buckthorn is, how it can be used, and some of the benefits of the plant.

To find out more about Kirstie and the work she does, check out the Sea Buckthorn Scotland website: and find her on Instagram: @seabuckthornscotland

Useful links

There are an abundance of research papers and journals on the wonders of Sea Buckthorn. A collection of abstracts can be found at the UK Sea Buckthorn Association site here:

Here’s a video of how to make Libyan mbakbaka mentioned by Kirstie: How to make Libyan Mbakbaka – A warmly spiced one pot pasta masterpiece – YouTube

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