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Fruit and Veg Farming – John Sinclair


John Sinclair talks about farming a variety of fruit and veg at Craigie’s Farm just outside Edinburgh.

Fancy picking your own berries?  How about picking your own veg too?

John Sinclair from Craigie’s Farm shares his passion for helping people connect with the field to fork journey.   

We chat about the wide range of fruit and veg grown at Craigie’s Farm and John’s vital role in quality control – tasting the first of the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries… 

Listen to hear about the changes at the farm over the years, and the seasonality of fruit and veg grown in Scotland.

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Twitter: @craigiesfarm

Scotland Food and Drink seasonal calendar Seasonality calendar | Scotland Food and Drink

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Food Connections Podcast

The Food Connections podcast aims to help you learn more about the food you eat and connect with those who make it.

The Food Connections podcast is created and produced by Dr Laura Wyness, Nutrition Research and Communication who is also one of Scotland’s Regional Food Tourism Ambassadors #ScotFoodAmbassador

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