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Foraging – Anna Canning


Anna Canning shares some of her vast knowledge of plants you may find whilst out for a walk in the Scottish countryside, or even on your doorstep.  Listen to learn more about foraging, and discover a new appreciation of nettles!  There’s so many fascinating uses and many amazing nutritional properties these plants have.

Relevant Links:

To find out more about Anna and the work she does, find her on Facebook, and on Twitter or Instagram @AnnaFloramedica 

The courses Anna teaches on at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh: Certificate in Herbology & Diploma in Herbology

Woodlands for All book – this is a fantastic starting point for foraging novices. Discover the plants and trees in the woods and forests on your doorstep.  

Advice and links from Anna:

First of all…be responsible! Always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC), which sets out our foraging rights – and responsibilities – e.g. Respect other site users, and respect plants and their environment. Many creatures depend on our plants for food or shelter, so always tread carefully, and leave plenty for wildlife to thrive. As a rule, it is legal to forage leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, and nuts of common plants for your own use, but harvesting roots needs permission. 

And… be safe! When foraging, proper identification is vital! Take along a book with clear images – or/and an expert! iSpot is a fantastic web resource for identifying wild plants and fungi. 

There are several apps too: Pl@ntNet is the one I use. Top tip: always check the scientific name, as common names vary widely. If in doubt, leave well alone – many plants and fungi are toxic!

More information on good foraging practice, training, inspiration – and recipes! – can be found from:
Galloway Wild Foods – Mark Williams provides detailed info on plant, fungi and coastal species identification, safe and sustainable foraging in Scotland, including rights, risks and responsibilities – and innovative food and drink ideas. 
Foragerium – Szymon Szyszczakiewicz is based in the Scotland’s Central Belt and provides lively courses in sustainable foraging & ecology, wild food preparation, preserving and fermentation.
Monica Wilde – deep and extensive knowledge of wild edible and medicinal plants, fungi and seaweeds; lived for a year exclusively on wild food. Fascinating book and blog. 
Eatweeds – Robin Harford, based in Devon, teaches and publishes on holistic foraging including medicinal properties of wild plants.

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The Food Connections podcast is created and produced by Dr Laura Wyness, Nutrition Research and Communication who is also one of Scotland’s Regional Food Tourism Ambassadors #ScotFoodAmbassador

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