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Deer Farming & Venison – Nichola Fletcher


In this episode, Nichola shares some of her vast knowledge of deer farming. Find out how deer are farmed, the difference between wild and farmed venison and some great tips for cooking venison.

Nichola Fletcher has spent most of her life teaching people how to prepare and cook venison. She was awarded an MBE for her work!

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Some of Nichola’s books: The Venison Bible, The Meat Cookbook, Venison Masterclass, and Nichola Fletcher’s Ultimate Venison Cookery

Check out the Scottish Venison website for more info on both wild and farmed venison. 

For more info on the nutrition of venison see my website article

Food Connections Podcast

The Food Connections podcast aims to help you learn more about the food you eat and connect with those who make it.

The Food Connections podcast is created and produced by Dr Laura Wyness, Nutrition Research and Communication who is also one of Scotland’s Regional Food Tourism Ambassadors #ScotFoodAmbassador

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