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Introducing "Let’s Talk Food"

Let’s Talk Food provides accessible, practical and fun information. We aim to provide clarity to individuals on how to make healthy food choices with confidence and make eating enjoyable! We are developing various resources on our Let’s Talk Food website. We currently have:

  • A range of ebooks with information and nutritionally analysed recipes

  • Online courses for general interest and one course aimed at health professionals (CPD accredited)

  • Free resources you can download that provide practical advice

  • Details and a resource pack for our new in-person retreats

Who are Let’s Talk Food?

We are Lynn and Laura, two Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition. We both have quite a few years’ experience of working in various nutrition roles including research, nutrition policy, nutrition communications, recipe development and analysis and most recently as freelance Nutrition Consultants.

Running your own business has many benefits but it can also feel a bit isolating. Having good professional connections is important. Someone you can reach out to for support or to act as a trusted sounding-board for ideas is invaluable. That’s also where the spark came from for starting Let’s Talk Food.

The Let’s Talk Food story

Lynn had initially reached out to me through LinkedIn after seeing that we were both working as freelance Nutritionists in similar areas. Many useful emails, discussions and coffee chats followed.

One conversation I had with Lynn was to ask for her support in providing a set of tailored, nutritionally analysed recipes for a woman who had contacted me for advice on what to eat to help with menopausal symptoms. She was wanting to know what meals and snacks would benefit her health and wellbeing during and after menopause. After providing a small information and recipe pack for her, we felt other women may also find this useful. That was the spark for our collaboration!

We did a lot of research in menopause and nutrition and developed an ebook - Eating Well for Menopause. Diet and nutrition can play a key role in managing some menopausal symptoms as well as maintaining health after menopause. The book ended up having over 85 pages of information and 20 tailored recipes to help women going through menopause. It’s proved to be really popular!

As a result, we also developed an online course to support women going through the menopause as well as an online course providing training for health professionals. This course will help support fellow Nutritionists, Dietitians and other healthcare professionals in providing evidence-based nutrition and dietary advice to women around menopause.

Let’s Talk Food projects

We have a number of projects we have recently completed including our ebook on Soya & Phytoestrogens for those who are unsure about or have never tried tofu or soya products.

We also have a short online course that provides an Introduction to Mindful Eating. We often discuss the principles and practice of eating mindfully during individual nutrition consultations we do, so we felt that this course would be useful for many people to learn more about how it could benefit them.

We are grateful for the engagement and feedback from our Let’s Talk Food Facebook group. We recently revised the title of one of our ebooks, thanks to a suggestion from our group. Our Eat Well Handbook: Planning for health, pocket and planet is a title that better reflects all the content we have in this book.

Let’s Talk Food giving back

Giving back is important to us. We are keen to support future Nutritionists, and enjoy mentoring and providing work placements to Nutrition students.

We also developed book with a collection of recipes along with some useful dietary tips to help individuals and their families going through cancer. We hope this book 'Recipes for Recovery' will raise funds for Maggie’s Centres. To download this ebook for free and make a donation, see our Just Giving page here.

Let’s Talk Food future

We are really excited to be working on a variety of projects that we hope to share with you later on this year. Make sure you follow myself and Lynn on social media, or join our Let’s Talk Food Facebook group to keep up-to-date with our activities and offers.

Laura and Lynn meeting in-person in Edinburgh earlier this year. Makes a change from our online calls from our Scottish and French offices!

Laura is a Registered Nutritionist based in Edinburgh and is part of the Let’s Talk Food team. She was recently awarded ‘Freelance Nutritionist of the Year’ by the Caroline Walker Trust. Her specialities are in evidence-based nutrition writing; workplace wellness and nutrition communications.

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