'Eating Well for Menopause' is a book to help women navigate the myths and truths of eating well through menopause.  

The book provides a summary of the science, practical diet and lifestyle tips and tailored recipes to support women going through the menopause.  Questions discussed in the book include:

  • How can I best manage my weight during the menopause and maintain muscle?

  • How does the menopause affect my bones and am I at risk of osteoporosis?

  • Is my risk of heart disease much higher after menopause and what foods benefit my heart?

  • Does menopause affect my sleep and can my diet improve it?

  • Can diet lessen the effects that menopause has on emotions and mood?

  • Can my diet prevent menopausal hair loss and my skin becoming dry?

  • Supplements and diets for menopause – do they deliver what they promise?

The authors are Dr Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns, two Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition.​

A digital PDF of the book is available for £7.50


Making life a little easier living with cancer

I collaborated with fellow Registered Nutritionist Lynn Burns to develop this book.  Through our work providing nutrition advice to individuals, we often suggest practical dietary solutions to make eating well easier for people. 


When going through cancer treatment, there may be days where you feel better than others and your appetite and taste preferences may change.  

We wanted to help make things a bit easier for individuals and families going through cancer and so have put together some useful dietary tips and a selection of nutritious dinners, mini-meals, snacks and drinks to inspire you and to give you some new ideas. 

We hope this book will raise funds for Maggie's Centres. These centres provide free practical and emotional support for people living with cancer. 


If you would like a digital copy of this book, please make a donation and download the e-Book using the buttons here - 


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