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'Eating Well for Menopause: Advice and recipes to improve your health and well-being' is a book to help women navigate the myths and truths of eating well through menopause.  

The book provides a summary of the science, practical diet and lifestyle tips and tailored recipes to support women going through the menopause.  Questions discussed in the book include:

  • How can I best manage my weight during the menopause and maintain muscle?

  • How does the menopause affect my bones and am I at risk of osteoporosis?

  • Is my risk of heart disease much higher after menopause and what foods benefit my heart?

  • Does menopause affect my sleep and can my diet improve it?

  • Can diet lessen the effects that menopause has on emotions and mood?

  • Can my diet prevent menopausal hair loss and my skin becoming dry?

  • Supplements and diets for menopause – do they deliver what they promise?

The authors are Dr Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns, Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition.​

Due to be published in June 2023! 

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EATING WELL FOR MENOPAUSE: Online Course for Health Professionals 

This training course has been developed for nutrition and healthcare professionals who are, or may be working with women around the age of menopause. The course provides:

  • Up-to-date evidence and research on the impact on women’s health around and after menopause in terms of bone health and heart health.  

  • Information on the impact of menopause on body weight, mood, sleep, skin and hair. 

  • Clarification of myths and marketing messages regarding specific diets and herbal remedies that are often promoted as remedies for menopausal symptoms. 

  • A list of useful resources and further reading

This activity has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition for the continual professional development of nutrition professionals. This AfN quality assurance mark identifies this activity as a reputable, evidence-based training in nutrition science.


This 1-hour course is £25.

To find out more click the ‘Register here’ button

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Mindful Eating is a really useful practice for many people. It can help you become more aware of what you eat, how food is making you feel and help you develop a more positive relationship with food.

This online course provides an introduction to Mindful Eating. It explains what Mindful Eating is, what the benefits are, and how to put it into practice.  The course takes a closer look at feelings of hunger and satiety, as well as the different types of hunger and how to use these feelings when we choose to eat and as we eat.


There's practical resources you can download and a list of useful links.  This course will help you put Mindful Eating into practice in your daily life.

Available for £10. For more details, click the 'Tell me more' button.

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What, Why and How Much?

Phytoestrogens are plant compounds that resemble human oestrogen and have weak oestrogenic effects in the body. The richest source of these compounds are found in soya foods and drinks and have been hailed as incredibly beneficial as well as demonised and feared.


We have put this book together to explain why including phytoestrogens can have health benefits and how to include them in your menu. It’s full of information and practical advice along with a selection of simple, nutritious recipes and links to great resources.

This book answers the big questions... What are phytoestrogens? Are they healthy and safe? And, maybe the biggest question of all: How do you cook tofu?


A digital PDF of the book is available for £7.50

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Planning for health, pocket and planet

This book is full of information and practical advice, as well as a selection of simple, nutritious recipes to help eat well, save money and eat more sustainably.  

We challenge some of the myths that often lead us to spend more money than we need to in order to have a healthy and sustainable diet.  The book includes:

  • Advice to reduce food waste

  • Food shopping tips

  • Advice on including meat and fish in your diet in a healthy and sustainable way

  • Meal planning tips and a weekly meal plan example

  • 20 nutritionally analysed recipes

The authors are Dr Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns, Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition, and Michelle Gavin, a Nutrition Student at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. 

A digital PDF of the book is available for £7.50

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Making life a little easier living with cancer

I collaborated with fellow Registered Nutritionist Lynn Burns to develop this book.  Through our work providing nutrition advice to individuals, we often suggest practical dietary solutions to make eating well easier for people. 


When going through cancer treatment, there may be days where you feel better than others and your appetite and taste preferences may change.  

We wanted to help make things a bit easier for individuals and families going through cancer and so have put together some useful dietary tips and a selection of nutritious dinners, mini-meals, snacks and drinks to inspire you and to give you some new ideas. 

We hope this book will raise funds for Maggie's Centres. These centres provide free practical and emotional support for people living with cancer. 


If you would like a digital copy of this book, please make a donation and download the e-Book using the buttons here - 

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