Nutrition and skin: the facts

The out layer of skin cells (the epidermis) renew themselves every 28-31 days. So if you do make positive changes to your diet, you may not

Eggs - Good? or Bad? Unscrambling the egg myths.

By: Holly Gabriel, AfN Registered Associate Nutritionist We now have access to all sorts, duck, chicken, quail, even ostrich eggs are available in some supermarkets. Not to mention Easter eggs! Over the years official advice has changed dramatically over the years from limit to three a week, avoid eating raw eggs, to the trend of only eating the egg whites... so what is the truth? Last week, The Times newspaper declared “Are eggs bad for your health again?” Their story was in reference to a new study claiming that eating three eggs a week is dangerous and increases your risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Researchers state this is due to the presence of dietary cholesterol within t

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