Make ‘Nutritionist’ a legally protected title

Anyone can call themselves a ‘Nutritionist’. This is probably why people are often confused about what food and nutrition messages are actually true and evidence-based. It’s also the reason why I often find myself explaining to individuals that you do not need to ‘detox’, or avoid foods that cause acidity within the body, or use coconut oil in everything! Currently in the UK, due to a lack of regulation, anyone can set up and practice as a nutritionist, meaning there is no real protection for consumers. The fab team at ‘Fight the Fads’ have started a petition that aims to make the title ‘Nutritionist’ a protected term and provide protection for the title of ‘Registered Nutritionist’. So wh

Food and nutrition trends for 2017

Happy New Year!! So what's going to be popular this year in terms of food and nutrition? Here’s my suggestions on what may be trending in 2017. Plant power up Plant protein and plant based foods have been increasing in popularity in recent times and this is likely to continue into 2017. Vegetarian and vegan meals and eateries will play a big part this year. As a vegan diet involves cutting out whole food groups (meat and dairy) careful attention should be given to the daily diet. A vegan diet should include five or more portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables; meals based on wholegrain starchy foods; include some beans, pulses and protein alternatives and include some dairy alternati

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