Should we have food-based dietary guidelines?

At the end of June I attended a seminar hosted by the University of Edinburgh and Obesity Action Scotland ‘Towards a transformation in nutrition policy: Lessons from Brazil’. There were fantastic presentations from Inês Rugani, Associate Professor at the Nutrition Institute, State University of Rio de Janerio and Fabio Gomes, Advisor on Nutrition and Physical Activity, Pan-American Health Organisation/WHO. Inês explained that in 2014, the Brazilian government introduced new dietary guidelines that extended beyond the traditional confines of nutrition policy. The guidelines are remarkable as they take a broad and comprehensive view by considering nutrients, foods, combinations of foods and me

Pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins

A healthy, varied diet is important for ensuring both the mother and her developing baby receive adequate nutrition. Although its best to get vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, when pregnant or breastfeeding, some specific vitamins are recommended to ensure you get adequate amounts. Below are 5 key messages from an article I wrote that discussed important vitamins required around the time of pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Did you know: Supplements of folic acid (around early pregnancy) and vitamin D for pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended. Several key vitamins are needed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Wherever possible, these should be provided by a good die

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